It's a patchwork quilt of unrelated items (I came across it when working on an igraph R question). No wiki. No explanation as to what it should be applied to.

I'd vote to make it graph-specific or nix it.

There is certainly reason to change android + weight -> android-layout-weight (see similar tags android-layout, android-linearlayout. I spot a few fonts+weight, where 'font weight' is a valid term. Suggestion for that: font-weight (and burn bold plz; off hand I cannot see a single question re: its description) –  Jongware Aug 19 at 13:13
@Jongware You should probably post that as an answer –  Sylvain Leroux Aug 19 at 13:40
Aww. weight is a mess. I stopped checking questions when it got intermixed with bold. I'm going to leave this one for edit-rep hunters. –  Jongware Aug 19 at 13:42
Having weight would make a lot of sense if there exists a weight-loss tag too. –  0xdeadbeef Aug 19 at 14:07
Burn it with fire! :P –  Vality Aug 19 at 14:23
@Jongware the problem is that most of the rep-hunters will only touch the tag; and get rejected unless they end up matched with robo reviewers... –  Dan Neely Aug 19 at 17:46
Is there a way to see how many times [weight] has been searched for by folks? –  hrbrmstr Aug 19 at 18:05
@Vality no actually you should burn it doing exercise. –  Alfredo Osorio Aug 20 at 16:15

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Is this answer about to become the subject of the most boring edit war imaginable? –  AirThomas Aug 20 at 16:12
@AirThomas: No, you already missed that one. –  Lightness Races in Orbit Aug 20 at 16:13
@AirThomas This isn't boring; it's about a bang, which is inherently exciting! –  Michelle Aug 20 at 20:03

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