When question not found is presented during review, it usually means its an audit question. I think this may be a bug.

Perhaps its would be a better idea to not leak information.

enter image description here

I think its a test to weed out the really oblivious (dumb) people reviewing. –  Darren Aug 4 at 3:16
Do you have an example - can you link to a specific review? –  slugster Aug 4 at 3:29
@slugster: Here’s the review in the screenshot. –  icktoofay Aug 4 at 4:00
That's weird, this was meant to be fixed: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/263155/… –  Qantas 94 Heavy Aug 4 at 9:04
Now it has both answer not found and question not found. –  Whymarrh Aug 5 at 1:49
For 10k users, the deleted question and answer are both shown. –  Ben Voigt Aug 5 at 6:28

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