In the Low Quality Posts review queue, when clicking "Recommend Deletion", selecting a reason, and then clicking "Delete" twice quickly, the next review will be vote deleted as well.

Apparently sometimes my finger likes to double click (perhaps a reflex like, oh, I missed the button, let's try again!).
This happened a little while back, and I thought nothing of it, should not occur very often. Obviously it just happened again :)

Running Chrome 36.0.1985.125 m on Windows 8.1 Pro.

I had deleted this question because I could not reproduce it anymore. However, I "voted" to delete this post as a result of double clicking the delete button for this post.
If you hover over the timestamps, you can see that the votes are both cast at exactly the same second (2014-08-06 09:19:26Z).

So, since I've found my proof, I can finally stop doubleclicking and potentially vote to delete 'OK' posts :)

Unable to reproduce it here, when I really click twice fast on the delete, it skips a review without casting a vote. Tried 3 times and all the time this is how it acted. No double vote. If I use Go back one page in Firefox, if I acted on the review, it shows that while it doesn't on the second post with double click. –  Jonathan Drapeau Jul 31 at 20:03
Hmm, cannot test again due to lack of posts in the queue, but I thought when pressing back, it would say that I had already reviewed the post with a recommend deletion. –  Niek Haarman Jul 31 at 20:05
Ok, I'm on Mint cinnamon 17 with Firefox... I'll blame Windows. –  Jonathan Drapeau Jul 31 at 20:06
And of course, now when trying again, I've hit my 20 review limit.. –  Niek Haarman Jul 31 at 20:06
I've had this problem too several times, although it's sufficiently sporadic I'd blamed myself :/. [Arch Linux, Google Chrome, i3.] –  Veedrac Jul 31 at 21:19
@Veedrac I did too. Apparently it's not that sporadic :) –  Niek Haarman Jul 31 at 21:20
@Qantas94Heavy Ah yes. I hasn't been picked up though. –  Niek Haarman Aug 2 at 12:38
I just had this happen as well to this answer ( by voting to delete the previous review ( –  LittleBobbyTables Oct 21 at 12:38

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