An example: responds with a 302 Found.

The spec says this is a temporary redirect. (Browsers treat it as a 303 See Other but that's irrelevant I think.) This causes the links to appear in Google when searching for foo making it a lot harder to find a duplicate that is actually on MSO.

Responding with a 301 Moved Permanently should fix this.

Works for me... –  Dgrin91 Aug 1 at 0:05
What if a question is migrated back? –  Istvan Chung Aug 1 at 4:16
Then MSE will respond with 301 but MSO not. I guess it might work. –  Joey Aug 1 at 8:37

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This has now been implemented.

When redirecting from an old MSO post to MSE, the redirect will be a permanent one.

With you in the next build. rev 2014.8.22.1792, meta rev 2014.8.22.2477


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