One thing that has really started to annoy me on StackOverflow is that literally moments after posting some code, I find that it has been edited and the indentation changed.

We've always used a style similar to Whitesmiths (as ReSharper calls it) with the braces indented along with the block contents. What I find invariably happens is that someone will edit the code so that the braces aren't indented.

I acknowledge that our style choices may not be the most popular, but it seems arrogant in the extreme for anyone to think that their style preference is somehow preferable to the original poster's. One of the things that (for me) marks out a professional is that they learn to accept that other people make different choices and those choices should be respected. I usually react to this situation not by rolling back the edit but by leaving a comment that we made a deliberate choice of style and we don't appreciate having it overridden for no reason.

How do others feel about this? I think Stack Overflow should have a guideline about this behaviour.

So, you are using a less popular style, but consistently. Does the change of style remove vertical scrolling? Does it shorten lines so horizontal scrolling is less needed? Does it adapt the style used in the question to the answer? If none of those, that edit looks like noise, and should have been rejected. –  Deduplicator Jul 28 at 1:00
I'd suggest rolling it back AND leaving a comment. Just try not to be rude in the comment. –  Kevin B Jul 28 at 1:44
A feature request / solution this could be, once a user hits X rep, they have the ability to force code-only edits to be reviewed by themselves, regardless of the editor. –  Joe Jul 28 at 10:13

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Stack Overflow could add a guideline specifically about this (here for example), but the problem is enforcing it.

Many edits are made by people with lower rep who only have the capability to suggest, then the suggestion goes through a review queue where people with not much more rep review it. A lot of these people simply don't have the level of professionalism you talk of. These edits will invariably get accepted because there's nothing inherently wrong with them (except they annoy you).

So I wouldn't count on there being any real way to fix this issue. The way you are currently dealing with it is fine, but maybe you should start rolling the edits back? The editor won't lose any reputation they gained (if any) from the edit, but at least your post will be the way you want it.

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Thanks for the feedback. I will reflect on this for a while. I don't want to start any 'edit wars' over what is a relatively trivial matter, but I will likely continue to leave comments. In fact the penultimate paragraph of my question might be a good basis for such comments. –  Tim Long Jul 28 at 6:58

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