Often there are questions like this

What's the meaning of "=>" in JavaScript?

Where people don't really know the answer but search it on Google and post an answer saying something like

This would be the "arrow function expression" introduced in ECMAScript 6.

Ok, fair enough. But then the answers start pouring in and every new answer says the same thing copied from internet in different words

This is an arrow function; it is part of the ECMAscript 6 specification, but not part of "normal" JavaScript in use today.

Another one goes like

That's known as an Arrow Function, part of the ECMA6 Script Proposal...

Whereas I do not mean to imply its not good to copy official description from internet, but when someone has already answered such a thing with exact answer as yours; why keep posting?

There are 4 answers to that question that say the exact same thing in different words. Its not as if those are code based answers showing different ways of reaching the solution (which isn't duplicate). These answers all say the same thing and are useless weight, can we cry duplicate on them?

Most of the answers I'm seeing in your example have some explanation beyond just the part you quote. So without knowing the domain, at least they seem to attempt to add value. Otherwise, I think the best thing you can do is write a better answer, and let it be voted to the top. Or if there's already an answer that's better than the repetitive ones, upvote it. –  Reto Koradi Jul 23 at 7:53

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