I see a similar question involving Suggested Edits. My issue involves the Low Quality queue.

I was twice given the answer to this question to review. Here is what happened:

I first approved it (too quickly I admit). I then returned to the answer and edited it for a few items (spelling, capitalization, grammatical correctness). Then later on in reviewing I was given the same answer back (with my edits in place). This time I did (I think correctly) accept this as a legitimate answer.

So why did I get to review the same answer twice? Was it because I had edited it in between reviews? In any case, I don't think this is desirable behavior for the queue.


So they are both low quality queue reviews.

can you link to each of the review pages you acted on? Did you look at the post in two different queues? – Servy Jul 18 '14 at 14:07
Perhaps related to the change on the review page? meta.stackoverflow.com/q/266000/1007939 – CDspace Jul 18 '14 at 17:54
I'm fairly sure I've seen a few questions in the review queue more than once in the last few weeks as well; but trying to find them at only 20/page is too painful. Otherwise I'd've reported it myself. – Dan Neely Jul 19 '14 at 20:20
Does an edit to a LQP automatically put it back in the LQ review queue? – Joe Jul 19 '14 at 23:47

I think this is desirable behavior.

Note that we are trying to be constructive here, so the low-quality queue is meant to be a place where you first try to improve the post if possible, e.g.:

  • putting inline content into a link-only answer if possible
  • Fix grammar issues like you have greatly done
  • Fix code formatting issues
  • Fix visibility issues due to the wrong usage of the markup
  • etc.

... and only then if it really cannot salvage, you recommend the deletion or cast a delete vote on it if you have enough reputation for that privilege.

When you edit an answer that is flagged as low-quality for instance, the flag will be marked as helpful.

It is likely the reason that you edited this answer, which is well done and I appreciate it, and then someone else flagged it again which put it back into the low-quality queue.

Now, it is desirable that we do not lock out previous reviewers for a different revision of an answer. Since it is a different revision, it deserves another look even from a person who reviewed any previous revision of it.

This is why people need to be careful in general when editing such posts because some people - not you - like editing everything they can(not), and that dismisses the procedure for the deletion in worse cases. I have seen it happening, and I could not get an answer flagged again easily without moderator intervention.

Despite the comment above, I believe that this thread is likely not the culprit.


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