Assuming that stack exchange uses an unsigned 32 bit integer. When I reach the limit of 4.2 billion points will I crash stack overflow?

Out of curiosity how long would it take me to get these points?


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The world will end!!! –  dmportella Jul 15 at 16:46
Insert Jon Skeet related joke here. –  gunr2171 Jul 15 at 16:48
You'll just overflow to -2^31 points and lose all of your privileges. –  Servy Jul 15 at 16:51
Assuming unsigned 32-bit integers, you'd overflow to 0. Now, considering that this is a site for programming questions, I would hope that someone around here would know how to prevent such a catastrophe. –  Bill the Lizard Jul 15 at 16:53
Wouldn't you go back to zero as it is a unsigned integer –  dmportella Jul 15 at 16:53
It would be good to know what would happen though. I think it's on topic really even if asked in jest. –  dmportella Jul 15 at 16:56
Yep bill jon might be onto something. Might be one of the reason there is a 200 point limit a day it would take a life and more to get there –  dmportella Jul 15 at 16:59
Didn't Jon Skeet already go round at least once then? –  Jongware Jul 15 at 17:28
Maybe we should put this to the test and get everyone to vote up this question :-) –  Jon Hunter Jul 15 at 17:57
@BilltheLizard: it is a signed integer. –  Martijn Pieters Jul 15 at 18:36
Cross-site duplicate of What's the maximum reputation for a user, it'll take 35 thousand years before we hit the limit. –  Martijn Pieters Jul 15 at 18:38
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