I've been editing a post lately and after a while, I received +4 rep points for that edit.

I assumed +2 is the common rep gain for edits.

is there a special edit aspect that gives a +4?


It seems (not guaranteed) that this scenario happens when you only add a tag to the edited post. Can the development team check this?

Bug report on meta Stack Exchange - The system will eventually realize it made a mistake and retract the additional +2, but we still don't know what causes this. –  animuson Jul 15 at 7:25
Seems you edited it twice. stackoverflow.com/posts/24751779/revisions –  Shaunak D Jul 15 at 7:25
@ShaunakD if you see the second revision is returning null, so edit was recorded twice so yea its a bug –  Mr. Alien Jul 15 at 7:27
@ShaunakD - nop, it is the same edit, but i assume it is the bug animuson is reporting about –  NirMH Jul 15 at 7:27
The last two approves came in at the exact same time (at 07:00:31 UTC). I bet this happened on two different backend servers, so they both approved, saw the other approval recorded (after some deadlock breaking) and so both added the edit and gave you +2 points. A race condition. –  Martijn Pieters Jul 15 at 7:28
About your edit, I "only added a tag" to a post few hours ago, got +2, not +4. –  Clément Malet Jul 15 at 12:44
@ClémentMalet - as i said - it is not guaranteed - just trying to help the developer find the root cause. thanks for the comment –  NirMH Jul 15 at 12:45
In 36 more points, it wont matter. :) –  paqogomez Jul 15 at 16:24
@MartijnPieters: Does that imply a deadlock break in which neither was the victim? - or might that be the problem? –  Jon Egerton Jul 16 at 13:17
On a bit of a tangent - why remove the C++ tag from that question? It was the only valuable tag it had. Same for another edit suggested which removed visual-c++ (1.6k followers) and added visual-c++-2008 (6 followers). –  RobEarl Jul 16 at 13:33
@RobEarl: I agree; the OP should in fact have received +0 for this edit suggestion and had it rejected. I've restored sane tags. –  Lightness Races in Orbit Jul 16 at 14:12
@RobEarl - i would assume moving to a more specific tag will serve better to the OP - as he'll get more focus from specific members. I didn't pay attention to the number of followers. this is indeed another aspect to take into consideration. or should we cancel the visual-c++-2008 tag because it has only 6 followers and already covered by visual-c++? –  NirMH Jul 17 at 6:22
@NirMH nope, use both. Related: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/265844/… –  RobEarl Jul 17 at 9:54
Whoever's trying to close this question, this should stay open. The problem is reproducible. –  Cupcake Jul 21 at 3:15

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