Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but I was not able to figure it out researching around Meta. But my flagging history has numbers near it:


Does not represent actual flagging history. Names of the questions and usernames are replaced with JavaScript to protect the original authors.

I see "2" and "1"s. What are they representing?

Those are number of answers each question has. Rule: when in doubt, mouse hover :) –  Aziz Shaikh Jul 10 at 10:25

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What's this number near my flags? I see "2" and "1"s. What are they representing?

Number displayed on the right side of the post title is the count of answers posted on the flagged question.

Reference: What does the little number following “closed” signify in flag history?

Thanks very much for the quick answer! –  Unihedron Jul 10 at 13:56

The numbers represent different statistics of the post.

  • Left : number of votes
  • Right : number of answers

This information is displayed in the tooltip for these numbers:

enter image description here

I think OP meant the numbers on the right side of the question title –  user3580294 Jul 10 at 10:33
Thanks @user3580294, I missed that, edited my answer now –  Infinite Recursion Jul 10 at 10:53
Thanks very much! Can't believe I never tried hovering over the numbers. o_O –  Unihedron Jul 10 at 13:56

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