Currently, to find a previously reviewed audit, you have to either sift through the "reviews" sub-tab (under the "activity" tab on your profile), or, go to your reviewing history of the queue that you passed/failed the audit in. Which in both cases can take some time to do, even if you don't have a huge reviewing history (since you have to check every link to see if it's an audit).

So, could we have a new sub-tab under our "activity" tab that displays only passed and failed audits (from all queues), and maybe displays our fail/pass rate as well?

Maybe something like this?

Note, I'm aware that this post is similar to this and this post, but they were asking how to view audit history, whereas I'm proposing a feture request to do so, therefore this isn't a dupe.

@Payeli Fair point; still, it's good to review one's audit history every now and then (even if not banned), to better see which type of audits you're failing more often (so you can learn more easily from your mistakes). And having a percentage of passed audits is generally quite interesting too. – Sam Jul 9 '14 at 14:30

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