I must start that I have a past of disruption (not trolling, but disruption because I was constantly in a bad rage/revenge mood), I was the one behind many of the issues you have seen on AskUbuntu and StackOverflow.

I regret this and put a stop since yesterday by changing my behaviour in the first place to be in-line with the community, picture, bio and username.

It is the last one which is still getting me into unnecessary trouble.

My premise is that I chose this name because, well .. isn't that cool? That's the reason, no trolling intended really.

You can see where it started in the chatroom following this link http://chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/17597914#17597914

It's known that if a username doesn't start with an ASCII character it will immediately brought up upon by typing @. The problem is that it doesn't happen in the chat, which I think is the mostly prominent issue and root of the complain here.

There are two things that can be done here:

  1. Change the username to avoid complaints.
  2. Post a feature request to show username non-beginning with an ASCII character upon @ typing in the chat too.

Now, what are the rules and community views on this type of username, and most importantly what do you suggest to do in this case?

My two cents: If it hurts when you do that, don't do that. –  Frédéric Hamidi Jul 9 at 9:45
Such names are unlikely to endear you to the right kind of people ;-) –  holdenweb Jul 9 at 9:49
Your "username" is probably not supported by all the fonts and creates a mess in multiple places in my browser. E.g. user profile, comments. Also basically makes you indistinguishable to a " character when not paying attention and personally, I am not going to take you, as a user, seriously. –  Fenikso Jul 9 at 9:51
@Fenikso It makes a mess in my browser too –  Stijn Jul 9 at 10:01
@OP: I don't see your username pop up when I type @, here. –  Cerbrus Jul 9 at 10:14
Yea, I see it now, but that doesn't take away the fact it's difficult to tag you when you haven't commented, yet. –  Cerbrus Jul 9 at 13:18

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My thoughts (as the person who originally called you out on the name in the Python chat) is that your name could be disruptive in a chatroom setting. Your name breaks the vertical divisions between chat messages which could get very annoying, very fast:


Not only is it disruptive/annoying but it also means it's impossible to @notification you without directly replying to one of your messages (as you've mentioned in your question).

As someone who has had troubles in the past and has been suspended for them, but now wishes to turn over a new leaf, I would suggest you pick a more suitable name. All you're doing by choosing a name like this is making people not take you seriously.

I like the fact that a question about a difficult name is so well answered by someone with a Welsh username :-) –  Bruno Jul 9 at 10:57

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