There are some good answers about 'best programming books', 'best XX language tutorials', will have a stackexchange site to cover such off-topic questions?

for example:

Language Books/Tutorials for popular languages

What is the single most influential book every programmer should read?

where should question like this goes?


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No to my knowledge. Even close them as off-topic. Amazon reviews are relatively good though. –  Trilarion Jul 7 at 13:15
It is off-topic where to ask off-topic questions ;) –  wim Jul 7 at 13:16
It is off-topic to discuss what's the influential video/talks for programmers on Amazon reviews :), I thought is a place to ask such a question. –  Gohan Jul 7 at 13:18
@gnat I just read your comment after asked a off-topic question on Programmers.SE, will discover a better place for "toilet bowl" –  Gohan Jul 7 at 13:40
@Gohan we (P.SE) actually copied the close reason for 'resource request' from Stack Overflow (see What should our predefined off-topic reasons be?) –  MichaelT Jul 7 at 19:59

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Chat is the only place where you can ask such questions.

See also: Where to or how to ask "Best of" Questions for what software tools to use

Let me discover the chat place, :) –  Gohan Jul 7 at 13:32

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