I am not very familiar with the English language, so I am always making mistakes when posting a question on Stack Overflow. And I also face problems to get my answers. So, my question is, is there any service, which can translate my questions/answers to my regional language (e.g. Gujarati (India))?

There are a number of proposals for "Stack Overflow in [language]" on Area 51. You could create a proposal for "Stack Overflow in Gujarati", if you believe there are many Gujarati speakers with the same problem. –  S.L. Barth Jul 7 at 9:57
Google Translate ! –  Infinite Recursion Jul 7 at 10:26
@Payeli I just tried to have Google Translate translate that the results of Google Translate did not make me happy ("Van wat er uit de resultaten van Google Translate komt, word ik niet vrolijk."). It told me I'm not gay.... –  S.L. Barth Jul 7 at 10:50
You are not cheerful @S.L.Barth ;P –  Infinite Recursion Jul 7 at 11:40
you are right @S.L.Barth –  Manish Sapkal Jul 7 at 11:41
@Payeli Google detected it as South-African ("Afrikaans") instead of Dutch. The Dutch version still uses "gay" instead of "cheerful". translate.google.co.in/#nl/en/… Afrikaans derives directly from Dutch, the languages are almost the same. –  S.L. Barth Jul 7 at 11:43
I was just kidding @S.L.Barth. BTW What is the real translation of word ik niet vrolijk –  Infinite Recursion Jul 7 at 11:46
@Payeli I know, don't worry. The real translation is "does not make me happy". Although the literal translation of "vrolijk" is "cheerful". –  S.L. Barth Jul 7 at 11:46
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