I think makes no sense if you don't specify the language you're talking about. I also think that if I have a doubt about how to structure something in a language, or what something means or how it works, the language's own tab should be enough.

I have been looking at the questions marked with and I feel that they would be just as meaningful if they didn't have it.

Even among some questions that have many upvotes, I think the tag is irrelevant to the question itself. This one, for example.

Is there a good reason for the tag to exist? I would like to be proven wrong on my thoughts about this one, specially since there are over 9000 questions marked with it.


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I see where the syntax tag could be useful: compiler theory and computer languages. Perhaps the tag is being abused, which means that it should be cleaned up rather than burninated. When I use and there can be some legitimate moments where can be useful


The tag has a clear meaning — it's about syntax, which is a clear, well-known concept in programming. When I look through the questions in that tag, I see a lot of questions that are about syntax.

Sure, there are questions that misuse the tag. Now there's one less. There are also plenty of questions that are tagged even though they're only about one of the languages, or questions tagged or that are really about PHP or JavaScript. That's no reason to remove the tags or .


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