Is SO the right stack exchange community to ask opnet/riverbed AppResponseXpert questions. I've tried riverbed forums, but haven't gotten any feedback. Not really sure I will here either, but I wanted to give it a shot.

That depends. What sort of question would you ask? Can you add a sample question to your question here? – Fish Below the Ice Jul 2 '14 at 12:57
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Stack Overflow is for programming questions. From what I can see those are not programming languages or have anything to do with programming.

So the answer is no. It is not a suitable site for such questions.

We do have Server Fault, which is a site for system administrators, which may be suitable for this topic, but you should read their help center documentation, in particular what's on-topic and what is not.


Stack Overflow is a site for answering questions related to programming. Given that riverbed is a networking appliance those questions would not be on topic here.

However, Stack Exchange does have two sites that might be able to help you out in the form of Serverfault which is for "Network routing, switches, and firewalls" and also the new beta site Network Engineering which is even more specialized. With any luck one of those sites will have some users who have experience with riverbed and be able to help you out.


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