This is a radical idea, I'm not sure what I think of it myself, but I'll throw it out here anyway:

Remove the original posting timestamp, only show the last edit timestamp.

The purpose is emphasize and support the idea that SO is not a collection of historical data, but a living repository of up-to-date knowledge. Time of original posting is historical information, which shouldn't really matter, assuming edits were used to bring the content up-to-date when they happened, and assuming question includes all relevant information like software versions and right tags.

Possible implementation: For answers, show time of last edit (following roll-backs to actual version). For the question, show latest time the question or its answers were edited. Only show actual timestamps of each revision in the revision history.

Some questions, as basis for answering this:

  • Would other technical (code or presentation) changes be needed?
  • Would some guideline changes be needed, would the SO participants need to act or think differently?
  • How might this change the dynamics of SO?

Special point of interest:

  • How would this change duplicate handling?

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I disagree with this idea:

I'd like to know if a answer I'm looking at when searching for an issue was written in 2008 or just last week.

Among other reasons, using up-to-date methods can often save processing power, or reduce security risks, in programming related issues.

I like the idea of a "living repository of up-to-date knowledge", but people don't generally update answers they wrote a year ago.

Well, the time shown would be time of last edit, so as long as frivolous edits could be avoided, there'd be no problem. –  hyde Jul 2 at 6:55
Not everyone edits their answers. I really don't see the added value of removing the "Posted" timestamp. –  Cerbrus Jul 2 at 6:57
Also, I'd like to note that this doesn't really answer any of the specific questions, except maybe "How might this change dynamics of SO?" by saying it'd make it harder to find up-to-date information. –  hyde Jul 2 at 7:17
I don't mean to be rude, but I don't see the point of speculating what would need to change on SO if a idea like this gets implemented. –  Cerbrus Jul 2 at 7:20

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