Using Google Chrome (Dev channel), I experience that the system somehow logs me off 10-15 times a day. When returning to SO, I see this screen:

enter image description here

And after waiting a few seconds, I see this screen:

enter image description here

When I click the "Click here" button, I'm logged in again.

I already took a look at my cookies and found nothing which looks suspicious.

The behaviour first occurred apporx. 2-3 month ago. I also experience this on my iPad from time to time.

My question:

Any hints on how to keep being logged in all the time?

Update 1:

I've done a test with Firefox and Google Chrome. One log off in Google Chrome, none in Firefox.

Any ideas on how to hunt this down? Any cookies or anything I could inspect to see why the site sees me as logged off in Google Chrome?

Update 2:

It is getting worse; being logged off every half an hour or so. Doesn't happen on any other sites like Google Mail or Facebook where I assume they also use cookies to remember me.

Update 3:

Seems to increase, ever 10-20 minutes, never closing the browser, just the SO tab. Did again clear all "stack*" cookies without any improvement.

Are you experiencing this issue in any other browsers? Maybe you have some sort of privacy setting enables that clears cookies / session data? –  Cerbrus Jul 2 at 6:41
@Cerbrus On my iPad (with Chrome) from time to time. I didn't do excessive testing with other browsers, I hoped that someone just tells me "Just do X and Y to solve". I'll test now. –  Uwe Keim Jul 2 at 6:42
If you switch devices/browsers where a "separate" login occurs you'll get these messages. If I login on my iPad and return to my laptop this message will appear. –  Jay Blanchard Jul 2 at 12:24
I am experiencing identical behavior on iOS 8. –  Santa Claus Jul 15 at 14:51
I experienced some issues that turned into what you describe once I updated to iOS 8 Beta 3. –  Santa Claus Jul 15 at 16:22
@update3, Have checked the bug tracker/submitted a bug report for Chrome's dev build? Isn't that what it seems to be an issue with? –  indivisible Jul 16 at 11:10
@indivisible I'm unsure; all other sites like Facebook, GMail etc. work. Should I really post this to Chrome's bug tracker?. –  Uwe Keim Jul 16 at 11:50
@UweKeim, if it is only happening on that browser (and version, did you try a stable build?) and if you have eliminated that it could be any add-ons interfering then yes, it's an issue for the Chrome devs. (Sidenote: Devs offer those types of "bleeding-edge" builds so that people will submit bug reports to help them test/iron out issues) –  indivisible Jul 16 at 11:54

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Chances are, this is either some very old / corrupt cookies (fix by clearing your cookies) or an issue with dev-channel Chrome (no idea; can't test).

I was having this issue the other day; I'd click "refresh" but I was still logged out. Clearing cookies and starting over most definitely fixed it. –  Qix Jul 2 at 23:25
Thanks, Shog. I tried what you said, but still being logged of every two hours or so... –  Uwe Keim Jul 3 at 10:57
same thing is happening to me on 64-bit dev channel chrome, clearing cookies doesn't help with me either –  Darren Kopp Jul 13 at 15:10
I always have to clear my cookies twice to fix the issue on iOS 8 (beta). And then it usually re-appears. –  Santa Claus Jul 15 at 23:13

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