I was looking through some recent posts when I came upon this one in particular. I noticed the user put a link to his application, which is completely unnecessary for the question, so I flagged it.

I guess my own error was flagging it as spam, which in retrospect was a little harsh, but that leads me to my question:

How should have I treated this? Would just editing out the reference have been better or should I just leave it there? Or maybe there's a better flag to file it under.

This discussion from SE says there's nothing overtly wrong with self-promotion as long as it's on-topic, but in this case I don't feel it is.

Well, you flagged your example link. I presume that's why the link is now dead! :)) – Bent Tranberg Jun 29 '14 at 3:50
Oops "This question was voluntarily removed by its author." – krish Jun 29 '14 at 6:06
@BentTranberg I forgot to mention my flag was marked as unhelpful, haha – Andrew Schuster Jun 29 '14 at 15:12
So when SO goes public to monetise the site, what do we do? Flag the shareholders? – Joe Blow Jun 29 '14 at 22:27
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In this case, I don't see this as overt self-promotion; it is just one link in one question. The reference is irrelevant, just edit it out.

It's definitely overt, he's not trying to hide the fact that the application behind the link is his. Whether it was self-promotion or provided just in case the appstore description/metadata affected answers is harder to say. – Ben Voigt Jul 19 '14 at 23:57

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