I recently did my first tag wiki edits, which made me wonder if bigger(read: independent from each other) changes to a tag wiki should be separately suggested.

Consider the following case: I want to edit multiple larger sections of a tag wiki (Take the wiki as an example). Those edits would change/add/remove content from multiple places inside the wiki. Each of those edits would however make sense on it's own.

These changes would end up to be reviewed as I don't have the rep to directly edit a tag wiki. If I had them committed in one bigger edit a reviewer might come to the conclusion that only a part of my suggested edit should end up in the tag wiki. To my current knowledge he has then the following options:

  • Reject the edit and do nothing, leaving potential good content go away
  • Reject and edit the better parts himself into the tag wiki
  • Accept and remove the part he considered bad from the tag wiki himself
  • Accept and hope that someone else will handle it

On the other hand if I suggested multiple smaller edits he could reject the unwanted edit and approve the better one and would be done with that.

This options leaves however the question if I might be flagged for repeated suggested edits on this tag wiki (I don't see a option to mark that edits belong together or that I don't want reputation for a suggested edit) or if it would be considered bad behaviour to fill up the review queue in this way.

You can explain your edit in the edit summary. – hjpotter92 Jun 29 '14 at 9:15

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