These two tags seem to be duplicates for the Facebook SDK for iOS. So, I think (161) should be merged into (961).

there is a suggested synonym. –  Daniel A. White Jun 26 at 0:17
Oh good, that means it'll get approved in about two years. –  Charles Jun 26 at 1:07
@Charles: you are too optimist... –  lpapp Jun 26 at 1:56
@DanielA.White After some digging, I found where to look that up. Still, hopefully this will raise awareness to get it cleaned up. :) –  JasonMArcher Jun 26 at 5:30
A great point @Charles. (Meanwhile some idiot will add fb-iPad-sdk !) –  Joe Blow Jun 26 at 9:54
If the synonym hasn't been approved within a reasonable amount of time we could just manually retag them? It's only ~150 posts... –  Sam Jun 26 at 10:19

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I have migrated all questions to . Thanks for the review everyone.


Yes of course, obviously, do this. Nice spot.


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