The pretty formatting that usually happens automatically for XSLT code sometimes does not work.

It appears that when a question is tagged with the general tag, all is well. However, when an asker only uses the version-specific XSLT tags, or , no pretty code formatting occurs throughout the question or answers. Rather than require an asker to always add the general xslt tag to the question, can the code consider both xslt-1.0 and xslt-2.0 to be valid triggers for XSLT formatting?

Here is an example of a question where there was no syntax highlighting of the XSLT code until after I edited it to add the general xslt tag.

The solution @Shog9 provided is the best solution but for future visitors of this question: You can force prettify formatting by using the <-- language: lang-xml --> hint – rene Jun 24 '14 at 18:23

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