I come across many interesting recently asked questions on Stack Overflow. These questions might not be yet answered or other people might be still answering it.

Is there a way to watch/follow a question so that whenever it gets a new answer/comment, I get notified? If not where can I suggest this feature?

The only way I could find to do this is star the question and then eventually come back to it to see if it has been answered.

I thought this before Cupcake but had an internet connection problem. Anyway you can star/favorite a question. When you star a question, it gets added to your favorites, and it will be highlighted in your profile whenever it gets answered or modified. –  user3717756 Jun 22 at 6:24
@abdellahmansur how do you know that you "thought" of this before me? Can you read my mind? Answers take time to compose. The timestamp on a post is not indicative of when the poster first thought of something :P –  Cupcake Jun 22 at 17:41

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When you star a question, it gets added to your favorites, and it will be highlighted in your profile whenever it gets answered or modified:


Question Feed

Below each question there is also an RSS feed that you can subscribe to:

Feed screenshot

Yes that's how I do it, but then I have to manually check it every few hours / days. Even after doing that I would not know that the question I am looking for has been answered / previously favorited question has been answered. Is this feature worth requesting? –  phpLearner Jun 21 at 3:26
@user2834439 You can subscribe to the question feed by clicking the button on the bottom right hand corner of the page above the footer. –  Antony Jun 21 at 3:27
@Antony I was just about to point that out too. –  Cupcake Jun 21 at 3:28
@Antony , Thank you. This seems like a solution. Then I can also remove feed when I no longer want an update. Most importantly, just because I want to follow a question, I don't have to star a question (which awards point to question asking person). –  phpLearner Jun 21 at 3:32
@user2834439 starring a question does not award points. –  Cupcake Jun 21 at 3:33
Ohhhh. I was under this impression. Might have misread the "how reputation works" page. Thank you for clarifying. –  phpLearner Jun 21 at 3:34
@user2834439, If a question is interesting enough to follow, isn't it worthy of some internet points? I often see questions with stars and no up-votes, seems odd to me. –  fbynite Jun 24 at 1:49
@Cup, I run this query then fed your ID into my alpha app, it almost breaks :)) –  brasofilo Oct 17 at 19:00

Stack Apps has some cool stuff to extend the interaction with the Stack family, like:


Chrome Extension to follow users and questions on Stack Exchange sites

StackEye is a Chrome extension which can be used to follow other users for their answers and questions. Using StackEye you can also add a question to your watchlist there by getting notifications for each answer/comment on it.

Watched questions will display notifications in the extension's popup window.

A list of watched questions is also available; questions can be unwatched in bulk from this screen.


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