Is there a way on Stack Overflow to search for a friend's profile?

I have a friend and I would like to see his posts sometimes...

Of course I don't remember his user ID all the time but I do know his name in here.

If I type in "Dan" I get about 600 Pages (even more) where people have the same name.

It might help if I could search for the city too, but it seems like this ain't possible.


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Why don't you just bookmark him, or favourite a question he participated in? That way you'll still find him should the user name change. –  Martin Smith Jun 17 at 7:18
this is what i have. but i don't use SOF allways on my pc. im using chrome so i just can login and get my bookmarks. but the actuall question is how can i do this only with SOF :D –  Dwza Jun 17 at 7:43
@Dwza: Star one of his questions. Then visit your favourites and access his profile from the question. –  Matt Jun 17 at 14:32
People typically ask their friends to send a link. Of course, you can't do that when you're only pretend friends with them, and they don't even know who you are. –  Will Jun 17 at 15:18

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The search system only lets you specify the name. Although you can search in categories like "moderator" or "new user", or things like "most reputation", this is not helpful in your situation.

One thing you could do is add a link to his profile page in your own profile page.

Another, more complicated way of finding him back is to (ab)use the Favorite system: find a question that your friend has asked and mark it as a Favorite (the star under the voting buttons). The question will then show up in your "favorites" tab, and you can see it even if you aren't logged in:

the favorit thing may helps me with that a lil bit. because i don't use much favs so this could solve it :D –  Dwza Jun 17 at 14:42

I Can't this is best way but it is improve your search result

Go to Search then Click on Users then you can find type of users it will improve your search resultsenter image description here

this not really helps me with my problem because he is: in a list of 600 pages at reputation, not a new user, not a top voter, not a top editor and not a moderator. :) –  Dwza Jun 17 at 7:40
he didn't edit a single question ??? Ok tell me name i will give you easy technique. –  Dhruvin Sukhadiya Jun 17 at 7:43

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