OK so both my question asking and question answering are blocked. So how do i get my blocks lifted now?


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I don't see an answer block on you. You may be close to one (the system warns you when you get close), so take care with your answers in order to not get there. And improve your existing questions to get out of the question block. –  Oded Jun 16 at 12:22
Do not add the bug tag back here. This is not a bug. –  Oded Jun 16 at 12:23
On my main account –  Umbreon coded Jun 16 at 12:23
Yes, on your Stack Overflow account. That's the one I checked. –  Oded Jun 16 at 12:23
@Oded maybe he means a different SO account with "main account"... –  l4mpi Jun 16 at 12:24
Oh. Now you deleted an answer you kicked yourself into a block. –  Oded Jun 16 at 12:24
well it was my own answer to my own question and my answer was irrelivant to the question. –  Umbreon coded Jun 16 at 12:26
@Umbreon, that still wasn't a very smart move from a ban perspective. The system does not differentiate answers to your own questions from the others. –  Frédéric Hamidi Jun 16 at 12:27
i didn't mean to get stuck to try to prove a point. it was honestly by accident. –  Umbreon coded Jun 16 at 12:27
You can still undelete your deleted questions and answers (go to the questions/answers pages on your main profile and click the "deleted recent questions/answers" link). –  Oded Jun 16 at 12:28
and i may just give up on this all together –  Umbreon coded Jun 16 at 12:32
@Umbreon, do not focus on the rep you lost or gained, it pales in comparison to your actual problem: getting the ban lifted. If you lose reputation by undeleting your questions and answers, so be it -- you have to do that to improve them anyway. –  Frédéric Hamidi Jun 16 at 12:34
No, not on the first day. It took a while longer than that. –  Oded Jun 16 at 12:42
".. Revised Please Acknowledge" -- I am a grown up but there is surely a class of people who will automatically downvote for such a title. Think of SO not as a social forum, but as a database of Q & A; your titles should reflect that, with perhaps something like "Assigning button to event listener". –  Jongware Jun 16 at 12:57
Spend a few minutes reading the other questions that are present on SO. After reading 50 questions you will understand what is a good clear question, and why some questions are unclear. When you look at other questions, it will certainly help understand the do's and don'ts –  Infinite Recursion Jun 16 at 14:06

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The first thing you need to realize is that the delete button is not a get out of jail free card. Your contributions getting deleted, whether by you, or others, acts as a signal that you need to improve.

You get a lot of feedback, especially when you first ask something, about what is, and isn't, acceptable. Read the How to Ask. Read it again. If you decide to ignore it, this is what happens. The system enforces the fact that contributing here at SE is not a right, it is a privilege. One that you no longer have, due to your low quality contributions. The ONLY thing you can do is undelete that which you've deleted, and improve it. If nothing you contributed is improvable, then I'm afraid you're stuck.

The question ban is there to tell you that asking questions is a limited resource. I believe it will be updated in the (near?) future, to allow questions even from problem accounts such as yours on an extremely limited basis. If that happens, remember to use it as the precious resource that it is.


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