has been blacklisted, so why is still there?

The tag wiki is

Use this tag for questions about software libraries. This tag is NOT for questions about computer programs used in public lending libraries or other brick-and-mortar libraries.

has been blacklisted and the same reasons apply to , so we should also blacklist .

library would be made a synonym of libraries, if it existed. Its absence is not a reason to condemn libraries. If libraries is useful as a tag is debatable, perhaps, but your reasoning is flawed. –  Martijn Pieters Jun 12 at 9:42
@MartijnPieters what is the difference between [library] and [libraries] in the context of stackoverflow? –  Bryan Chen Jun 12 at 9:43
The same difference as between list and lists, or string and strings, or framework and frameworks. Pluralisation. –  Martijn Pieters Jun 12 at 9:44
A proper reason to want to remove libraries is to point out that library has been blacklisted. That is not clear from your post. –  Martijn Pieters Jun 12 at 9:48
@MartijnPieters ok I will edit it –  Bryan Chen Jun 12 at 9:48
Synonyms of blacklisted tags should be burned by default. –  Dan Neely Jun 12 at 17:51

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