First off, it's an awful tag because it includes the minor version (x.0) that's hardly relevant and will be quickly superceded by 3.1, 3.2 and so on. In hindsight I wish the tag would have used the cocos2d-iphone-3 tag from the start.

But I wish the apparently deleted 3.0 tag would have been migrated to this new (?) cocos2d-iphone-3 tag. Instead I can not find any -3.0 or -3.x questions anymore and the new -3 tag lists a mere 4 questions.

Now I know of the meta discussion advising against using versioned tags. Otoh that same thread left versioned tags to be acceptable under some conditions, which I believe applies to this instance and cocos2d-iphone v3. After all cocos2d v3 is a major rewrite and code written for it most likely incompatible with previous versions. So a v3 specific tag is crucial in giving a correct code example in the answer.

Basically I'm interested in an explanation of why this tag is gone (or is it just a temp glitch)? Can it be restored/merged? And what about the v3 specific tag cocos2d-x-3.0 and v2.x tags for both cocos2d variants? Those are still there.


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