Some time ago I posted this question about the GD library and transparency. Subsequently it's received a number of downvotes (which I suspect are retaliatory). I don't like downvotes, so mindful of advice to improve my question I took another look.

To my eyes the question appears to describe the problem I'm having, illustrates the results I'm getting and want, and includes my test piece code. I'd hate to think I run the risk of a question ban because of some minor point I've overlooked but I don't see how I can improve this, so I'd welcome suggestions.

So you got retaliatory downvotes and your response it to tell a bunch of people to spend time fixing up a question that doesn't actually have problems? Seems counter productive, unless you're just begging for pity upvotes. –  Servy Jun 10 at 20:42
@servy No - actually this was a genuine request for some advice. I'd expect a better tone from someone with your rep. –  Hobo Sapiens Jun 10 at 20:45
I doubt someone with 13.5k is at risk for the question ban. And your question doesn't have problems. Not sure if downvotes were for content or comments removed, or some other obscure reason. –  Will Jun 10 at 20:48
@MikeW But you knew that the question was fine. Why genuinely ask for advice for a problem that you know that you don't have? I'd expect someone with your rep to be more considerate of the time of users on the site instead of asking questions you already know the answer to. –  Servy Jun 10 at 20:50
@will - thanks for a more constructive reponse. If the question doesn't have problems I'll put the retaliatory votes down to the rubbish that pervades the site and move on. –  Hobo Sapiens Jun 10 at 20:50
Apparently you're not familiar with @Servy 's reputation... –  apaul34208 Jun 10 at 20:50
The only thing you could do in that question is to remove this "Ultimately I want to take a greyscale image convert the greyscale values to transparency values and overlay the result onto an image. That's for later." Which isn't necessary to be there but it doesn't really have a major impact in your question. –  Kyllopardiun Jun 10 at 20:51
Your question, IMHO, is just fine. In addition, the pic in the accepted answer is worth the downvotes! I can't even begin to understand why some downvotes get levied. There are apparently a number of folks on SO who are impossible to please. –  Chief Two Pencils Jun 10 at 20:54
Asked and answered. You even accepted an answer. Nothing more to see here. –  Robert Harvey Jun 10 at 20:58
@ChiefTwoPencils You know, I hadn't actually looked at that picture in any detail - I just checked over the code. Not a great choice, but thankfully, not mine. –  Hobo Sapiens Jun 10 at 20:58

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