A poor question gets asked, I downvote and leave a comment explaining the down-vote along the lines of "-1 as this has been asked many times before and you haven't tried anything". The comment receives several upvotes as the question quickly gathers 4 downvotes

Some time later, I revisit this question when posting to this meta thread. The comment is gone, so I add it back in with similar words

Today I look again, and the comment is gone a second time.

What gives?

The comment explains a downvote to a poor question, and it is certainly not:

  • not constructive
  • obsolete
  • too chatty
  • other

And given this has been written as a plain factual statement, it is drawing a very long bow for a moderator to twice have agreed with someone - I can guess who - that is is "rude or offensive".

People ofte gripe as to why they have been downvoted, I would have thought given a reason should be encouraged rather than discouraged.

Any ideas/comments as to why would this have been removed? I promise not to flag any comments I don't like for removal .........


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The point was made, I guess the OP must have seen it (and he hasn't been back since January) ... why does it need to hang around? –  Bart Jun 6 '14 at 10:49
.. as comment is of course now gone again, I will accept this and move on. –  brettdj Jun 6 '14 at 11:06
Might have been more constructive to post a link to the Intro pages. –  BondedDust Oct 26 '14 at 16:40

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Your comment is not constructive.

There's no need to add a comment that simply restates what's on the down-vote tooltip, especially one that starts "-1".

If you want to leave a comment, at least make it more useful to poster.

(As an aside comments that start +1 aren't constructive either and tend to get removed too.)

was tempted to add +1 .... but thought the better of it. Point taken though. In future won't bother with comments along these lines. –  brettdj Jun 6 '14 at 11:07

The comment is not constructive, because it presents a problem without a solution. If you reword it so that it has exactly the same meaning:

This question gets asked a lot. Use the search function and try out some of the existing answers. If they don't help you, clearly explain what you tried and how your situation differs so that previously given advice isn't helping.

then it should be allowed to stay.


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