too broad

There are either too many possible answers, or good answers would be too long for this format. Please add details to narrow the answer set or to isolate an issue that can be answered in a few paragraphs.

It's rather unclear to me what "too broad" actually means. An explanation and clarification would possibly help me and others not to abuse this close reason in the future. 1

I understand the first sentence as:

You have asked a question which is answerable but there are too many possible correct answers and it is impossible to distinguish the most correct one.

(that's rather a good "primarily opinion based" but to me, the first sentence of the original "too broad" close reason sounds exactly like this - this is why I am asking for clarification so I can understand it.


good answers would be too long for this format

What does this even mean? Does it mean that an answer is not supposed to be "long"? How long? What are the restrictions on the length of answering? It's also unclear to me what: for this format actually means; what format?


Please add details to:

  1. narrow the answer set

But realistically, how can an asker possibly know "the answer set". I understand that this means: ask one thing at a time but the wording of it is quite confusing.

  1. to isolate an issue that can be answered in a few paragraphs.

But are you (as an asker) supposed to know or predict how someone is going to answer your question? While some questions are even answerable with a simple line of code or sentence (not judging the question/answer quality here just the fact that they are answerable in one line) other ones will require a throughout explanation of a concept, explanation of what is wrong, why, how to fix and why the proposed solution is "the beast".

1: As an example of what I currently would consider too-broad is this bounty protected question

It's another dump of a problem with not even a snippet of code. One of the give me teh codez questions which I consider quite often as too broad. Sure you can dump a code that does solve the problem but should you even answer it in the first place?

If it is too broad and we have a close reason for it than it makes it off-topic - like any other question on site that is about programming but shows no research etc. There is no attempt at solving it whatsoever...

No. 3 on the help-page indicates

enter image description here

So now, is the linked question off-topic or not?

In case no.3 is outdated, please see this request to update it or remove it –  vba4all Jun 6 at 8:24
I'm a bit confused as to why your question ends with "So now, is the linked question off-topic or not?" when the rest of it is about the "too broad" close reason. –  Anthony Grist Jun 9 at 12:19
@AnthonyGrist it only refers to the linked example not entire context of breaking down the "too-broad" –  vba4all Jun 9 at 12:31

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All close reasons are subjective.

"Too broad", like most close reason is hard to define precisely. Especially since it's subjective (again, like most close reasons). There is no Mathematical formula that can classify "Too broad".

Here are some obvious "too broad" question titles:

  • How do I write a web browser?
  • How do I code in C?
  • How do I send a file of data from one computer to another?
  • What is the HTTP protocol and how do I use it?
  • What forms of flow control are there in programming language?
  • How do I code a forum in PHP?
  • What's the best way to write a stack exchange clone?

Most too broad questions describe a specific problem, however it's likely one you can find a book on.

Now let's get to the text. The text is aimed at users with such a question. For example, let's take "How do I code a forum in PHP". (This applies to the other titles here just as well):

Hi, I'm a beginner. I've been tasked with coding a web forum in PHP. I get to use whichever technologies I want and PHP5.5, I've tried looking in search engines but honestly all the resources I've found were very outdated and looked like they were unsafe (they used old APIs like mysql_connect)

How do I code a forum in PHP?

There are either too many possible answers, or good answers would be too long for this format.

There are plenty of ways to write a forum in PHP, each of them would need to consider:

  • The backing database - How do I pick it? Do I use an SQL database? What tables? How do I even write in SQL? How do I get SQL hosting? What about SQL injection? How do I store things safely?
  • The server side code - What sort of coding style do I need? What are the security considerations each approach has? What performance characteristics am I looking for any why? How will my design choices affect the future development? How do I keep my code clean? What's the HTTP protocol? What's a session? What's a cookie? What's even a web request?
  • The client - How should I code the client side? What technologies should I use? What about usability? How do I validate passwords?

Now, unlike "opinion based" the choices here aren't arguing for or against a technology, there are just a lot of choices here (so too many possible answers) and each "branch" of that choice tree is huge. I admit that this has a degree of subjectivity, but that alone isn't why it's bad.

Please add details to narrow the answer set or to isolate an issue that can be answered in a few paragraphs.

This is there to help the OP. The idea is to narrow this question down to a specific point where OP's attempt has failed. Maybe the DB and back-end are all working and he is just curious about something in the client side? Maybe he got far but is curious about a database schema issue?

The goal of that part isn't to explain what "Too broad" is, but to help the OP improve their question.

In addition to the very good example questions that you've listed here, polling questions or questions that can have several answers also fit into the "too broad" category. –  Robert Harvey Jun 9 at 15:44

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