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If a new asks or answers a question that doesn't follow best practice on the site, should more experienced users shoot them down and treat them the same way they would treat a veteran user who answers in an unhelpful way, or should they try to help them learn how to answer questions correctly because they are new and might not know how yet?


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Do you have an example of a question or is this more of a general question? –  bluefeet Jun 3 at 20:53
@bluefeet more of a general question –  Sman25 Jun 3 at 20:55
This post needs some meat to it. Your opinion is clearly expressed in your leading phrasing. Back your opinion up with facts and examples. Start an interesting, constructive, substantial discussion. The response to this as it stands is one permutation or the other of "Yes. No." –  Josh Caswell Jun 3 at 20:57
@JoshCaswell I am assuming by your comment that you think new users should not be coddled. Or given any respect, for that matter –  Sman25 Jun 3 at 21:01
@Sman25 You're the one who isn't giving new users any respect by assuming that they're incapable of being told when they do something wrong. I respect people enough to actually take the time to help them and inform them when they do something wrong. –  Servy Jun 3 at 21:05
@Servy Consider this: I am a new user. I do not think that new users are incapable of being informed of wrongdoing. Nor do I state that in my question at all. –  Sman25 Jun 3 at 21:07
You have no grounds for that assumption based on my comment, and your second sentence is basically putting words in my mouth. I'm interested in helping you create a constructive discussion question, the way you imply that you think veteran users should help new users, if you're interested in listening. I don't care what your opinion is, as long as we can discuss our opinions reasonably. –  Josh Caswell Jun 3 at 21:08
You've presented a false dilemma here, and you're also missing that what we try to do here is actually meant to help them learn. –  Andrew Barber Jun 3 at 21:15
@Sman25 Well, your question isn't really very clear at all about what you're actually proposing change. As it stands, when users do something wrong they are notified of what they've done wrong through comments, close votes, automated comments (from the review queues), downvotes, etc. These are all forms of constructive feedback. You seem to be proposing getting rid of them somehow, so while you don't make any claims as to what you want gone, as they are all constructively helping, whatever you want removed would be harmful in some way. –  Servy Jun 3 at 21:17
I do not think new users should be coddled. Is that a problem for you? I don't think it's our job to coddle anyone. We should treat everyone equally, with respect, and hold them to our guidelines. –  Cody Gray Jun 4 at 13:06

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No, because if you don't tell them when they do something wrong how else will they learn how to do what's right?

It's vitally important to tell new users when they've made a mistake, because that's how they'll learn how to correct it. Some people will choose to take the time to learn from their mistakes, improve their contributions, and become valuable members of the community. Others will get angry and leave because they're unwilling to contribute at the high standard of quality this site holds. The decision is up to them.

Lowering our standard of quality and simply allowing inappropriate contributions would kill the site's primary competitive advantage.


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