When you're suspended for 364 days (what a joke, just say 1 year and don't account for one day!), you get the message

your account has been temporarily suspended by a moderator and cannot chat for 364 days.

It should be:

your account has been suspended by a moderator and cannot chat for 364 days.

1 year is not really "temporarily" is it?

It's really annoying to see it written in the wrong way.

Would you rather it say "permanently"? –  Doorknob Jun 2 at 21:45
@Doorknob Maybe not, but there should be a better word for it, no? –  İnek Şaban Jun 2 at 21:46
How is a set amount of time not temporary? How is this "written in the wrong way"? –  Doorknob Jun 2 at 21:46
"Temporarily" should cover way shorter periods of time. –  İnek Şaban Jun 2 at 21:47
... and why is that? –  Doorknob Jun 2 at 21:48
It is temporary, just temporary for one year. –  bluefeet Jun 2 at 21:48
You must really live where there's no gravity and time goes faster, as one year is no way "temporary". –  İnek Şaban Jun 2 at 21:49
definition of temporary - lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent One year is not permanent, so it would be temporary making the wording correct. –  bluefeet Jun 2 at 21:51
Again, how is a set amount of time not temporary? Do you have a different definition of "temporary" than me? As far as I know, "temporary" means "lasting for only a limited amount of time" or "not permanent." –  Doorknob Jun 2 at 21:51
For me temporary is no more than a few months if I need to be sincere. –  İnek Şaban Jun 2 at 21:53
@İnekŞaban: It sounds like your definition of temporary is the one which is out of step with the understanding of others (and the dictionary). I see no reason why Stack Exchange should change its view to match yours. –  Jon Skeet Jun 3 at 7:31

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The word temporary is defined as:

Lasting for only a limited period of time; not permanent.

by Oxford dictionaries.

While 364 days is indeed a very long period of time, it's still not permanent.

and them Oxford folks know a thing or two about talking English, let me tell you! –  Plutonix Jun 2 at 21:52
@Plutonix But it's still annoying nonetheless, Oxford or not Oxford. Anyway.. –  İnek Şaban Jun 2 at 21:53
If I need to be informed of my suspension do it in a proper way. –  İnek Şaban Jun 2 at 21:56
There is nothing improper about it. That you feel a year is an eternity is entirely your interpretation. It doesn't make the message wrong. –  Bart Jun 2 at 22:07
Pft, now define temporary in 'Murican. –  Sterling Archer Jun 2 at 22:19
Guess I'll live with that and use my brother's account then.. –  İnek Şaban Jun 3 at 8:12
@İnekŞaban Then you'll just get his account suspended too... –  Servy Jun 3 at 14:50

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