When commenting, the box tells you to avoid "Thank you" comments.

In my opinion, "Thank you" comments are useless, and should therefore be flagged as 'obsolete'.

So, I just flagged this comment and expected it to be helpful, but it was declined.

Thanks, this is exactly what I needed.

This comment is useless, since thanking can be done by upvoting, and for telling it is exactly what OP wanted, we have the accept button.


  • Should "Thank you" comments be flagged?
  • If so, why was this flag declined?
While the comment is not especially constructive in this form, flagging it causes more work than simply ignoring it. You're creating work for the mods who have to handle these flags, and I'd figure they have better things to do than cleaning up "thank you" comments... –  l4mpi Jun 2 at 10:48
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Yes, typically we do consider these types of comments as noise and should be removed. If you see them, then flag them as such.

However, you flagged this specific comment as "Obsolete" which doesn't apply to "Thank you" comments. "Obsolete" flags should be used for code that is in comments that has been edited into a post, or for comments like What database are you using? and then the OP edits a tag. Since you used "Obsolete", this could be why the flag was declined.

In the future, when flagging "Thank you" comments, I would suggest using "Too Chatty". Using the correct flag is helpful on comments as well.

I've now removed the comment.

Thanks (oh, no, thank you comment!) for you comment and explanation. I always flagged them as obsolete, but will flag them correctly in the future. Thanks to the mods for their hard work. –  Patrick Hofman Jun 2 at 12:36
I flag them as too chatty. –  staticx Jun 2 at 12:48
@Patrick Hofman: "Thanks (oh, no, thank you comment!)" ... "Thanks to the mods" Are you asking for a beating? –  BoltClock Jun 2 at 14:34
This.. is.. meta @BoltClock? –  Seth Jun 2 at 14:36
@Seth - am I the only one who read your comment in the voice of "This... is... Sparta!!!!" –  AJ Henderson Jun 2 at 14:41
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In order to reduce "noise" - i would flag this comment.

As any answer is providing some aid to someone, the "thank you" is expected.

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I see no problem in having some kind of sociality and a "thank you" doesn't really hurt anyone with a bit of feelings. After all we're humans. Wait.. maybe not according to this meta post: On large communities decaying over time, being nice or mean, and Stack Overflow

But why then the comment box tells us to avoid "thanks" comments? –  Patrick Hofman Jun 2 at 14:10
The highest voted answer disagrees with you... –  Patrick Hofman Jun 2 at 14:12
@PatrickHofman In which way does it disagree with me? –  İnek Şaban Jun 2 at 14:13
"chit-chatting with each other in posts, are strongly discouraged." –  Patrick Hofman Jun 2 at 14:15
I can understand the chit-chatting problem and have no trouble respecting that, but a "thank you" isn't really in the same category as chit-chatting, really. It can't be really a harm if you're a human, that is. –  İnek Şaban Jun 2 at 14:17
It isn't one thank you that is a problem. It is a bunch of them. Thank yous don't scale well. I have some answers that have received 50+ upvotes. Imagine if every one of those 50 upvotes also left a "thank you" comment. It would be very "nice", I guess, but it also would be noisy and bothersome. What happens when you notice a mistake in my answer and try to leave a comment about it? No one will read that comment because it's buried at the bottom, under all of the sea of "thank yous". –  Cody Gray Jun 2 at 14:26
@CodyGray That is the extreme. What I'm referring to are 2-3 "thank you" comments, no more. –  İnek Şaban Jun 2 at 14:29
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