What are some of the more popular questions on Stack Overflow that have been deleted?

This is to move the SO part of the popular archive from MSE to MSO.

Why not put your popular content on a blog or a wiki page somewhere? These posts were deleted for a reason; linking to them here doesn't really serve any purpose. –  Martijn Pieters May 29 at 15:06
It's not my popular content. And 132 votes on MSE for this question shows that it does serve a purpose. I'm moving it here so that it is specifically on-topic. –  Lance Roberts May 29 at 15:07
Why not flag the question to be moved here from Meta.SE instead of recreating it? –  George Stocker May 29 at 15:10
@LanceRoberts: That type of content never worked, it's been declared off-topic, the posts are locked and rot away. Leaving them on the site gives people excuses to post more. The content is CC Wiki released, you are free to host it elsewhere. In the meantime, this post and the one on Meta.SE are, in my view, useless and not on-topic either. –  Martijn Pieters May 29 at 15:22
@GeorgeStocker, because it has the Programmers stuff on it also. I was trying to insure that it would be on-topic. –  Lance Roberts May 29 at 15:37
@GeorgeStocker, you've just turned the question into a big "screw that, gonna post it here anyway" with the answer still around. Not much of a discussion when the list is already there. –  Bart May 29 at 16:01
I edited your question to make it more of a community discussion about the question archive instead of trying to actually move it over; since that appears to be what the discussion in the comments is about. –  George Stocker May 29 at 16:08
@GeorgeStocker, I don't mind the discussion. Ultimately, I just don't want to see the knowledge lost, i.e. some of those questions might help me someday learn something and there's no way to search deleted questions. –  Lance Roberts May 29 at 16:10
I have no problem with that set of questions remaining deleted. But I am struggling to see the great harm in having a single Meta question that points to some of the more "popular" or fun ones. –  joran May 29 at 16:18
I do not dare to close that, it will increase my fail-rank. –  davidkonrad Jul 3 at 21:14

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  • An unofficial partial archive can be found here.

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