Within stackoverflow, and seem to be used interchangeably. With so few questions involved regarding either tag some may view this as insignificant, however, I did want to spark a discussion regarding the ambiguity involved with their usages.

The AlloyUI tag has a suggestion (questions which involve using alloy-ui taglibs in liferay). Personally, I could see that context belonging to , but as soon as you involve events or anything beyond basic rendering you also require/enter domain.

For example, this question doesn't require anything beyond the basic taglib and appears appropriately tagged, but this question should be tagged (many more examples can be found like this).

With AlloyUI distinguishing itself from Liferay, I could see the potential need for to stick around, but can't quite come up with when it would be appropriately used by itself, except for the example I provided.

At this point, I see a Choose your own discussion:

  • establish a wiki for and make an attempt at a decisive division between the two
  • or rolls into
  • <insert> your suggestion here!

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