Last year I didn't recall seeing any celebrations on SO for Programmers' Day. Was that just an "odd" year, or is it just something that isn't celebrated here?

Also, if there isn't any particular reason for not celebrating, could we maybe have a few banners up or something to commemorate the day?

Every day is Programmer's Day. –  Robert Harvey May 28 at 16:49
...and yet we celebrate April Fools. How sad. –  iCodez May 28 at 16:50
I liked the question cheers –  Muath May 28 at 16:52
Never heard of it either. How exactly is one supposed to celebrate this day? –  Martin Smith May 29 at 9:05
@MartinSmith, by posting quality posts on SO :) –  Amit Joki May 29 at 9:50
@MartinSmith by drinking a lot of coffee beer, then doing some code golfing while drunk, for kicks. –  Renan May 29 at 12:43
@MartinSmith wear your best shirt –  Adam McArthur May 29 at 13:00
@AmitJoki You are already celebrating it, I see. :)) –  nicael May 29 at 13:08
Wouldn't Programmer's Night be more appropriate? –  false May 29 at 13:11
@iCodez isn't it the same thing? –  tea Jun 11 at 2:18

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Never knew this existed! Of course every day is our day as Robert Harvey commented.

Yes, we must definitely celebrate it because, when we can celebrate April Fools day springing up some unicorns and making a fool out of ourselves to break rocks by hammering on our mouse in a programming site, then it makes perfect sense to celebrate the day for us :)


Unfortunately, due to Java, it happens on day -125 of the year. That makes it a bit hard to commemorate.


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