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Even while asking this question I am little scared of people would down vote my question.

I don't know why people simply down vote the questions from new users without even leaving a single comment.

I found a question > Jquery to do validation here, which has 4 vote downs and just one person leaves a comment. Isn't it a kind of harassment.

We should encourage new users to ask proper questions, instead of just down voting without leaving any reason and thus scaring the person to come back to ask anything again. What I think about sites like stack overflow is, each of us in here is not perfect in asking questions and needs help for himself, and that is why we spend our time here. Then why do we expect new users to ask good questions.

I am not against down voting, but while down voting shouldn't there be a reason for doing so..


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I don't 'simply downvote', nor do I reserve my downvotes for new users. Any bad quality post gets my downvote. There are just too many such posts to comment on each and every one. –  Martijn Pieters May 28 at 11:59
Note that all new users are given very specific help on how to ask good questions, before they can ask. There is a checkbox you need to check before you are allowed to. If they then ignore that help, why should we hold their hands even more? They have already proven not to read the information offered. –  Martijn Pieters May 28 at 12:00
Isn't it a kind of harassment? Interesting. Given the number of bad questions we have to rummage through lately, I was under the impression claims of harassment belonged to the other side. –  Frédéric Hamidi May 28 at 12:01
@ Martijn Pieters Yes that is a good thing to rate down a poor quality question, but if the question is from a new user, isn't it required to give a reason while down voting. So one can ask quality questions in future. –  Naeem-Shaikh May 28 at 12:01
People are given a lot of information on how to ask a good question, before you can ask one @Naeem. You're even asked to tick a box to confirm that you've read it. –  Ben May 28 at 12:04
If you see the number of bad questions appearing lately, I'd say many users are fed up commenting and many have even given up answering. –  DroidDev May 28 at 12:04
In case you've not experienced much in Meta, Meta votes are different. –  slugster May 28 at 12:05
I am quite prolific in providing feedback to new users. If I see potential, I'll usually help. More often I leave a pro-forma comment (already pre-written for common situations). But not every post warrants a comment, and you cannot expect everyone to put in that much work each time when the new users don't put in work on their side. –  Martijn Pieters May 28 at 12:06
@DroidDev I do agree people are fed up commenting, and yes new users do ask poor quality questions. But does down voting anyhow helps improve the quality of questions? –  Naeem-Shaikh May 28 at 12:09
In case you are interested, here is the blog post announcing the EULA-style checkbox new users must tick before asking questions. First item: Do your homework. The question you linked to didn't do their homework, it's a write teh codez, plz question. –  Martijn Pieters May 28 at 12:10
We are just getting inundated with downvote whiners today! I guess it's good news, it means that the system is working as designed. The low-quality questions are, in fact, getting downvoted. –  Cody Gray May 28 at 12:14
It doesn't help in improving the quality of question directly, but it is related to marking a bad question as a bad question. If a new user has put efforts in solving his problem, he is definitely helped, but many are here just asking for code to solve their problem. Those are not helped by community. You see, community has matured a lot and most people can differentiate between home work and real questions. –  DroidDev May 28 at 12:15

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To address this specific question, it can be boiled down to:

Can someone write some jQuery for me.

This is not a good question and the downvote tool-tip states

This question does not show any research effort [...]

As the question shows no research effort it's perfectly okay to downvote it; that's what it's for.

On the more general point; there is information provided prior to a new member being able to ask a question. This focuses on how to ask a good question and there are links, which you're encouraged to read, which have a huge amount of information. Each new user is asked to confirm that they have read and understood this.

Would you say it's ruder to completely ignore the help provided and post a bad question anyway or to downvote according to the guidelines which everyone can see?


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