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I'm quite new on StackExchange (especially StackOverflow) and I'm disturbed by this answering way.

Why some "good" users of SO prefer to answer in comment and not with an answer post ?

Is it a better way to answer a question ?



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Because they are not actually answering the question. –  Cody Gray May 28 at 7:33
If you feel their comment merits an answer, ask them to post it as an answer. –  Lankymart May 28 at 7:39
I tend to do that sometimes.. I don't know why :/ +1 for making be think about that. –  Maroun Maroun May 28 at 7:41
Related post:… –  Aziz Shaikh May 28 at 7:44
I do this if the question is so simple that I'd be embarrassed if I got rep for the answer, but don't have the time to search for a duplicate (such questions usually are duplicates). Or if I don't have the time to write a good answer (e.g., including example code). –  Roland May 28 at 7:49
Yes, I'll second the opinion that it's done when the answer is so trivial as to not warrant the time investment to produce and actual answer. I often couple this with a close vote. This is saying "this question doesn't belong here, it's too trivial or otherwise not suited for SO, but here's the solution to your problem anyway." –  deceze May 28 at 8:05
Whenever the question is so simple it can be answered within a sentence or two. Otherwise, I'd have to flesh out and find funnay imaeg to add; it's sometimes too time consuming. –  Will May 28 at 14:48

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I contribute to StackOverflow because I want to help people. I also take a certain amount of pride in giving "good" answers to questions, i.e. not only a snippet of code, but also an explanation of the concepts that led to the problem in the first place.

If I know how to solve the problem but don't have time to write an answer that I think is an appropriate standard, I will often put that answer in a comment. First, this may be enough to help the OP. Second, it may be enough to help someone else to write a good answer. If they don't, I'll generally come back to it later in the day to write it up as a proper answer.

The other circumstance is when the problem is obviously trivial or a very common duplicate. In which case I'll vote to close, but I'll also try to give a brief solution in a comment, because I'm nice.


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