We can currently save favorite tags, which seems to highlight questions in the list, and give a quick shortcut to filter all questions by only that tag.

But is there a way to in one or two clicks filter the questions by all favorite tags? I think there should be, would be useful.

You can search by multiple tags in the search box by typing [tag1][tag2]. For example, a search for 2 of my fave tags would be stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/sql-server+pivot, is this what you mean? –  bluefeet May 27 at 21:35
Yes, but a shortcut to search for all favorite tags, instead of just one at a time. The title "Favorite tags" itself could be a link to filter for all favorites. –  Andrew May 27 at 21:36
MSE duplicate here. –  Lance Roberts May 29 at 13:19

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I just use the favorites in my browser. For example, when I want to look at iOS questions, the link I use is


Basically, you just chain all of the tags together with +or+


One useful approach I've realized, is to instead filter out everything you DON'T want to see. Just keep adding items to your ignored tags list until the list of questions is just things you want.


I use the Manage filtered questions emails feature in via preferences. It allows you to create custom filters, but there is also default Favorite Tags filter, which I think displays all questions matching favorite tags.


At the time of writing this answer, there is a two-click solution, starting at the favorite tags listing in the right column on the front page:

  1. Click on ("Favorite Tags" ->) "edit"
  2. Click on "advanced tag subscriptions"

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