was removed last year but it came back and currently has 160 questions tagged under it. We need to burninate it again.

Question count shows 102 now.. –  Harsh Baid May 28 at 6:29
Work done...... –  Luiggi Mendoza May 28 at 7:00
Community at work :) Amazingly fast –  Aziz Shaikh May 28 at 7:04
[pages] is now number 284 on my keep-it-dead tag list. –  Charles May 28 at 7:08
@Charles how do you manage it? A user script or something? –  Aziz Shaikh May 28 at 7:09
@AzizShaikh, 16 bookmarks and a script to regenerate them when I hit the tags-per-page limit. I'm working on an application that uses the SE API to do the monitoring for me, off and on. –  Charles May 28 at 7:50

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