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I want to award a bounty manually to two users.

I have offered 50 bounty for a question. Now I want to offer 25 for each user who answered my question. How can I do that?


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1 ; last item. It's not possible to split a bounty between several answers. –  Mat May 24 at 5:32
I do this all the time. Simply award one bounty; wait until it has gone through, and then award the sec on bounty. It's that simple. (the second bounty has to be twice as large as the previous, but so what?) –  Joe Blow May 24 at 12:29

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It's a good point that SO should drop the silly "bounty doubles in size ..." mechanism.

How do you propose, then, that we prevent abuse? –  Cody Gray May 24 at 14:11
Hey Cody - what sort of abuse? Do you mean a limit ... person X can give three bounties on a question and that's it. –  Joe Blow May 24 at 14:22
Using bounties to attract attention to your answers, earning you upvotes. It is possible to get more rep back than you spent on the bounties. "Abusing" bounties for unlimited profit –  Cody Gray May 24 at 14:29
Fair enough, the answer there .. explains the rationale. Seems silly to me, but that's fine! I often put bounties on more than one "exemplary" answer -- but I'm guessing not many people do that. Cheers –  Joe Blow May 24 at 15:13

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