Do questions with a negative score get cleaned up by "the system"? Or do they need to have close votes on them for the questions to be removed?

They don't appear on the main page (automatic), and are typically closed/deleted pretty quickly (manual). –  Makoto May 24 at 1:10
They get taken out back quietly and shot. Then the bodies are buried where no one will find them. –  Cupcake May 24 at 2:02
@Cupcake I wish I could upvote that comment again. Truly. –  RubberDuck May 26 at 18:38

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Current questions

  • At -4, the question does not show up on the front page.

All questions

  • -1 or lower score, more than 30 days old, no answers, not locked... deleted by Community♦
  • 0 score, more than 365 days old, no answers, not locked, low view count, 1 or 0 comments... deleted by Community♦

Closed questions

  • At -3, enables a speedy delete for 20k users (rather than waiting 2 days)
  • Closed more than 9 days ago, not as a duplicate, score less than 0, not locked, no positive score answers, no accepted answer... deleted by Community♦

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Thank you. So questions with answers stay unless they hit the close queue? –  RubberDuck May 24 at 2:08
Correct. Though note questions can be removed from an open question (20k deletes, low quality review, mods, self deletes) which would then cause it to fall into those conditions. –  MichaelT May 24 at 2:34
@ckuhn203 answers do not protect a question from getting closed and deleted. Off topic questions might get answers before being spotted and closed, and then deleted by moderator. –  Shadow Wizard May 26 at 8:46

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