Recently I have noticed that not many people know about the existence of the StackOverflow chat, among them many seasoned (10k+ rep) users. SO Chat is just something where you end up by happenstance after using the site for some years. This is unfortunate, as I consider the lively discussion in the chats, especially in the famous Python room to nicely complement the QA site.

Now, the chat is not exactly prominently advertised on the SO; the only link being the tiny one in the bottom footer where it is hidden among the usual boring legal information.

Thus comes a very simple feature suggestion, with possibly very profound impact: Could a link to the chat be placed into the top toolbar, possibly next to the Ask Question?

It's also linked next to the site name in the site switcher (the big Stack Exchange button in the top bar). –  animuson May 23 at 21:12
Indeed, that one I hadn't noticed before ;) –  Antti Haapala May 23 at 21:13
Pretty sure plenty of seasoned SO users choose not to know about it. –  Hans Passant May 23 at 22:34
I can't seem to find the chat link. And @animuson, the link is next to the Stack Exchange button? I must be blind. :) ...Ah, now I see, it is in the popup as a link on the right. Still, not very prominent. I think a link at the bottom of the question to bring to chat would be great or as an option in the Share dialog. –  IAbstract Jun 17 at 13:36

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