Why can't SO have a trial giving reviewers like myself a probation for reviewing and closing items on the queue - say 10 per day?

That would give us a chance to help out and show that the 3000 reputation limit isn't always appropriate.

Are you suggesting we give everyone access, risking millions of bad reviews? –  Oded May 23 at 11:59
@Oded: wait, would "millions" be more or less than the number of bad reviews we get from people who have earned the privilege? It's hard to tell. :P –  Wooble May 23 at 12:16
No comment, @Wooble, no comment. –  Oded May 23 at 12:19
Millions more. ;) –  Bill the Lizard May 23 at 12:28
That's like suggesting that teenagers be given a different speed limit than adults. –  Jay Blanchard May 23 at 12:38
I'm really sure that the number of reviewers is not the problem. –  gunr2171 May 23 at 12:39
no, not everyone, just give me a chance, or, alternatively, give me 769 points and I'll get started the same day:) –  Our Man In Bananas May 23 at 13:23
a lot of downvotes, obviously this idea is not appreciated and may people feel very strongly that this is not the solutio, or even part of the solution ... –  Our Man In Bananas May 23 at 13:25
@Philip You're proposing a quantity over quality system when it comes to reviews. Past experience has shown, from other queues such as the suggested edit queue, that this is a very bad idea. Maintaining a high standard of quality when reviewing is very important, even if it means lower throughput. –  Servy May 23 at 13:45
more interesting question would be, why SO doesn't make CV queue comfortable for users already eligible for working in it: "Sharp drop at 10-50 likely indicates that many users find it difficult to work in review queue. Drop after 250 (silver bagde) suggests that even after substantial amount of reviews, many users still fail to discover a way to work productively..." 9200 questions is only a week of work for 200 reviewers (note SO has ~20,000 eligible users) –  gnat May 23 at 14:01
I guess I'm just jealous and want the power too much –  Our Man In Bananas May 23 at 16:12

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Of course a predetermined limit won't be appropriate for everyone. However, limits like this exist in life in order to ensure that the greatest amount of people can "work" in order to achieve the most possible with the smallest amount of errors. That is to say that errors are expected and a limit is set at a level to ensure that the error rate is acceptable for the task at hand.

SE chose the 3k limit a while ago. All reviewers are not perfect but in order to change it you'd need some sort of data that would prove that the change in the level of the limit would not increase the proportion of bad reviews beyond that acceptable level.

It would be reasonable to assume that a way of doing this would be to get the questions flagged to close by all users with your reputation that were subsequently closed. Then you'd need to determine whether the proportion of questions re-opened and compare it to the proportion by users with more than 3k.


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