I wasn't sure whether to post this question on MSO or MSE, but since it deals with SO tags, I decided on MSO.

I have a question in MSE asking to make the tags and synonyms of . All three tags refer mostly to the same thing - Google Cloud Messaging for Android applications (with the exception of a few questions under the tag that refer to Google Cloud Messaging for Chrome - I created a new tag for those questions).

The suggested synonyms for already contain and , but they are lacking votes in order to automatically become synonyms.

However, recently I discovered became a sponsored tag, which is funny, since that's the least popular of those 3 equivalent tags (it has 4 times less questions than and 3 times less questions than ).

Does the fact that it's sponsored protect it from becoming a synonym of ? What would happen if people vote to make it a synonym? Would become the sponsored tag?

If the sponsor (which I assume is Google) prefers to sponsor , should this become the "main" GCM tag, and the other two become synonyms of it?


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