I've been noting more and more old (oooold) posts in my RSS feed: "Newest questions tagged tag1 or tag2 or tag3" (http://stackoverflow.com/feeds/tag?tagnames=tag1+or+tag2+or+tag3&sort=newest).

E.g. today (some posts from 2010 already vanished as they had become "marked as read" while making this post)


When looking at the timeline of such posts I can only see voting activity, e.g. on this one: why is unbounded_array more efficient than vector? (which was also in my feed today):

enter image description here


  • I don't recall this happening before1
  • I reckon this might be a bug

Q. Can anyone clarify what triggers posts to be in the RSS feed, what changed and whether this is a bug?


Another case happened just now:

enter image description here

1 in fact, I saw it happen once in ~2013 and it proved to be that someone had posted a new answer, that had gotten deleted again, so: false alarm

There's a new instance now i.imgur.com/y0UKrmn.png. This is really quirky –  sehe May 30 at 12:56
Yes, I am getting the same thing on an rss feed for roslyn tagged questions that have no activity which should make it popup in my feed. –  Jeroen Vannevel May 30 at 13:07

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