Following that post I'd like to suggest a follow discussion button that if checked, will notify me on any new activity on a question I've commented/answered on

enter image description here

The reasoning for this is simple:

  1. Many new users don't know that they need to add @ in front of a users name and thus, when addressed, I many times don't even know about it.
  2. When participating in some interesting discussion, I want to see the general comments (not only addressed to me) or other answers besides mine.

I know that I can mark the question as "favorite", but I find it rather very tedious to go over and over my comments or favorites in order to see "what's new".

Thus, I think it could be a very good option (for people interested in this service) that will save many people headache and time

This sounds like a question that belongs on – Sam I am May 21 '14 at 19:31
I wish there were a way to offer a bounty on feature requests like this. This "follow discussion" feature is exactly what I keep wishing for. It'd be nice to get a solid yes or "no, that's too much work to implement" from the SE devs... – Tieson T. Dec 20 '14 at 3:51

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