Now that I'm more aware of sly and underhanded methods to gain reputation (having tried a few), I find myself looking at the Peer Pressure badge and thinking: How easy.

Racking up high viewership with a ridiculously bad post sounds chancy, but deleting my own mediocre post with score of -3 or lower -- that's a low-brainer!

This badge seems guaranteed to generate at least one bad-quality post for every member who shares my insight and really wants the bronze. Those who acquire it seem to show qualities contrary to those we typically try to cultivate.

I might even suggest its removal.

Can I ask for an explanation on the purpose of this badge?

Sure, some users are dumb enough to want the badge for the badge's sake. They run the risk of being closer to a post ban for it. Note that the badge is only awarded when they remove the bad post again though, so it is kind of self-cleaning too. –  Martijn Pieters May 21 at 14:12
Ah, my search didn't pull up that post. It seems to me the community STILL has to endure that bad post from the "dumb enough". –  Smandoli May 21 at 14:15
@mehow, that was an enlightened edit (your strike-through). (I presume it's yours.) Changes tone of post. Changes people's reactions. Thanks. –  Smandoli May 21 at 15:53
@Smandoli thanks -> the power of community edits proved once again -> you can see the revision history on your post by clicking the edited x time ago link next to your signature. –  vba4all May 21 at 15:56
@Smandoli the change of reaction might have been due to the retag as well. On Meta site, users often user votes to express agreement/disagreement, and this is especially true of feature requests. Many might have been just saying "No do not remove this". But changing it to a discussion, removes that aspect and leaves it as a perfectly valid question. –  psubsee2003 May 21 at 16:20
Excepting Jon Skeet, everybody will write a bad post sooner or later. At that point the badge is a itty-bitty, little compensation for the embarrassment. –  dmckee May 21 at 16:53

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As mentioned in Michael Mrozek's answer to the related question on MSE, Badges should reward positive behavior, badges always meet one of 2 criteria:

  1. Encourage positive behavior.
  2. Compensation.

I would also add as 3rd criteria that badges also exist to educate users about features of the site, which is somewhat part of the encouraging positive behavior.

The Peer Pressure badge exists solely for Encouragement and Education. We like it when someone learns the ability to recognize that their post does not meet the site's criteria and deletes it themselves. This is positive behavior because it saves the community and the moderators the effort of having to delete it themselves. There is also an educational aspect because not everyone is familiar with how deletion works, or that you will recover your lost rep when you delete your downvoted post.

There are always going to be users who intentionally post a bad question just to get the badge. However, that can easily backfire because if someone posts an answer that gets upvoted, then the user will be unable to delete it and won't recover the rep and won't get the badge. Of course this won't stop anyone who wants to post a bad answer and delete it when it gets 3 downvotes (unless it gets accepted, which would be extremely unlikely). But in the end, it's a self-cleaning issue as the user will get his/her badge, and the post will be deleted.


For compensation ... there is the humor inherent in the badge. What is SO without humor? (This answer occured to me well after posting and starting the accrual of unexplained down-votes.)

The purpose of the badge isn't humor. It is to teach new users that deletion of your own posts is possible, and encouraged users to clean up their garbage. –  psubsee2003 May 21 at 14:25
I'm almost in position to delete this post :-D ... Good comment @psubsee2003, is genuinely helpful as well as your answer. –  Smandoli May 21 at 14:54
now you can get peer pressure badge here... –  obi NullPoiиteя kenobi May 21 at 15:24
Too proud to do it. Sigh... –  Smandoli May 21 at 18:24

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