I am new user of Stack Overflow. I noticed that at the top there is an icon for "recent inbox messages" and another icon for "recent achievements". I saw a long list of inbox messages, so I wanted to clear it out.

At the bottom of this list, I saw a link to "see all your inbox", and I clicked on it. I was hoping to see all my messages, and delete them or mark them as read. My click got me to a page where I was required to login with a 'Google or Yahoo or Facebook' OpenID account. So, I gave my Google account/password. The next page I saw said "Stack Exchange would like to view your email address". I did not want to share my email address (and I can see a good number of people who are not willing to share their email address).

When I declined to share my address, I was kicked out, and I never got to the 'inbox' that I was trying to get to. How am I supposed to delete the messages and 'recent acheivements list', if I can not login?

In my opinion, there should be a direct link to the inbox and 'recent acheivements list', from my profile page on Stack Overflow. Please treat this as feature request. In the meantime, if there is another way to delete this inbox list (which would grow over time), please let me know.

If you are not willing to login, then... But while we're at it, you realize you are logged in, now? –  Andrew Barber May 16 at 6:12
I think it just means that stackoverflow will now your email address. If you have an account, they already do. –  sashoalm May 16 at 6:19
P.s. there are no inbox messages to clear out. It's there to stay. –  Bart May 16 at 12:37
Erm... how can one use OpenID without revealing one's email address? It's the key! –  Colin 't Hart May 16 at 12:51
@Colin'tHart: use an OpenID provider that's not also your email provider. –  Wooble May 16 at 13:02
@Wooble It's still your email address -- ie an email address that belongs to you. But, yes, you could use that and ignore its function. –  Colin 't Hart May 16 at 13:15
@Colin'tHart: An OpenID provider doesn't need to run an SMTP server at all. –  Wooble May 16 at 13:15
@nsamuel: Are you aware that your email address won't be publicly visible on the site? (StackOverflow will know it but not other users) –  David Robinson May 16 at 13:28
@Colin'tHart: No, the OpenID URL is the key. The OpenID provider can provide an email address too, but it is not required. –  Martijn Pieters May 16 at 13:35
Aah, OK. I was under the mistaken impression that the email address was the key. It appears from the answer below that the SE uses the email address as the key, whereas I guess they could have used the OpenID URL? –  Colin 't Hart May 16 at 14:00

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The global inbox is managed by stackexchange.com, because it regroups the inbox for all the sites for which you have an account. The Stack Exchange site is the "parent" of all the sites of the Stack Exchange network.

To access your profile on Stack Exchange, you need an account on the site. Since it's mandatory for each Stack Exchange account to have your email address, you need to allow the OpenID provider to share it with any stack-site you want access to.

Your email address is only used internally by Stack Exchange and is not public. It has been (still is?) part of the mechanism used to bind all your accounts together. It is not public information and no one except from the Stack Exchange team and moderators will have access to your email. By the way, since you already have an account on one Stack Exchange site, you already have disclosed it to them, so why not create your Stack Exchange profile? Besides, Stack Exchange provides its own OpenID services if you don't want to use a third party like Google, Yahoo, etc.

Also, the inbox is a collection of notifications. Messages can have two states: read or unread. There isn't any clearing option. The top bar icons will only show the most recent notifications, and turn to green whenever there is unread content. Clicking on the menu will show the notifications and turn any notification from unread to read.


Geee ....guys....you downvoted me 15 times so far, for asking a relevant question ? Here are my points.

  1. I am writing this as answer, because it is too long to be included as a comment.
  2. I was not aware that i had already given my email address (alternate and temporary one) to register for stackoverflow. I don't turn my browser down, so it stayed logged into the account. If my memory serves, i also created an account on metaStackExchange - but not sure. My profile shows (Stack overflow 18 rep 7 & Super User 1 rep ), and i don't remember creating an account at Super User.
  3. Thanks for making it all clear to me. When I was asked "StackExchange would like to have your email address", I had used my REAL (not the alternate) google account as OpenID login. So, maybe StackExchange saw that i now have 2 different email IDs ??? In any case, my question atleast brings up the point that when i am being asked such a question, it would be nice to see a notice saying "StackExchange will NOT use your email address for spam mails or share it with 3rd parties". This is standard message displayed in all top sites, when they ask for my email address. I think atleast this change has to go in, to appease new users like me, so that they won't think twice to give out email address here.
  4. I have hard time getting reputations. I hope this severe downvoting of my question does not affect my reputation here. BTW, any question from newbies which are wrong will get downvoted like this ? I hope some of you will upvote and balance this out, because i atleast pointed out there should be a message about not sharing email with 3rd parties. Currently that page does not have anything other than a question, asking for my email address, when i logged in with my google (REAL) account.
  5. A point aside: As a new user, i also had a difficult time understanding how to create numbered lists. The icon did not do the trick for me, so i read the instructions - the instruction example is not easy to understand, because i don't know HTML or Markdown. I had to google 'Markdown list' and read it, to understand how to create numbered lists here. I am an experienced professional, so this process did not intimidate me, but i can see this being non-user friendly for computer uneducated. Perhaps this can be taken as a feature request too. Thanks for your time.
Downvotes on Meta SO don't count towards your rep. You were probably downvoted because of how bombastic and outraged the tone of your question is. –  Charles May 16 at 16:50
Bombastic because i asked "How am I supposed to delete ..., if I can not login?" ?? If that is remotely close to bombastic, then it has been neutralized by the use of the word 'please' in the very next statement. People downvote, simply because they don't like to see any criticism of their favourite website (even though i raised couple of valid feature requests). There are tens of thousands who get help from this site - how many take the time to point out a missing feature or bug ? Instead of reward, i am being punished. You will never see a suggetion for improvement, from me, again. –  nsamuel May 18 at 11:18

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