Hotmail was greatly overhauled last year, and one part of the revamp was that its name changed from Hotmail to However, the tag wiki for (286 questions) is obsolete and the tag wiki for (65 questions) still states that they will soon be merged (that merger happened a year ago). Consequently, should be merged into and the former should be a synonym of the latter.

Oh, god. People use hotmail? –  bjb568 May 16 at 0:44
@bjb568 Hotmail is no more... –  deleteme May 16 at 0:44
You are free to kill me for my saying this, but I actually hate Gmail...literally... –  deleteme May 16 at 0:45
Oh, I hate it too. The UI is bad, and I'm afraid of Google looking at my emails for targeted ads… –  bjb568 May 16 at 0:45
I don't ever log into my webmail. I always use email clients. –  deleteme May 16 at 0:46
I use apple mail. The app and the service. –  bjb568 May 16 at 0:47
You should also submit a suggested tag wiki edit. –  slugster May 16 at 1:20
To be pedantic, existed before Hotmail was shut down. When Hotmail was shutdown all users were forced to move to (although they got to keep their address.) I'd also suggest that perhaps a good number of those old hotmail questions should be closed because they'll no longer apply to a closed service. –  Al E. May 16 at 1:29
The question is why do we even have a [hotmail] tag? Do we really need it? (not sure from a quick glance through the tag) –  hichris123 May 16 at 1:35
SYNONYM. No point retagging, just make Hotmail a synonym of Outlook as they are now the same thing. Safest/simplest way to keep these small tags in-sync and the Hotmail one disappear –  Joe May 16 at 12:57
@AlE. It did exist, but was in a limited beta program. It was officially released once Hotmail was decommissioned. –  deleteme Aug 25 at 16:27

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